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Cusco & Macchu Picchu Tours 2017

THE TREASURE OF THE INCAS. This marvel is a settlement that the Incas built in the fifteenth century, apparently as a mausoleum for Pachakuteq, the founder of the empire Tawantinsuyu. This city has great mausoleum stone buildings spread between the d

Perú LLama Trek

Huayhuash Hikings 2017

The Cordillera Huayhuash circuit is considered one of the finest trekking tours in the world.

Perú LLama Trek

Cordillera Blanca Trekkings 2017

The Cordillera Blanca offers real challenges of mountain, becoming one of the most important in the world to carry out the practice of adventure sports

Perú LLama Trek

Alpamayo Circuit Trek 2017

This is an interesting route because it affords the classic view of the north side of Alpamayo, which was voted ´┐Żthe most beautiful mountain in the world´┐Ż.

Perú LLama Trek
Comunity Projects  

Project Name: Andean Ancient Gastronomy
Project Location: Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra, Huaraz, Peru
Project Applicant: Peru Llama Trek

Contact Person(s):
Edgar Zambrano Romero

Project Description:

After to study carefully has started with personal found of the Peru Llama Trek leader, This project is based in the construction of small houses with its traditional huts called Hornos from mud-bricks, and specific place for preparing Pachamanca and toilets to be presented a local traditional typical houses where each community family can own a typical restaurant specialized in Pachamanca and Cuy (guinea pig cooked in the original style not changing how the local people prepare this traditional dish) this project is a Community Development that and will create jobs for each community family and they can improve the life style and nutrition, health and hygiene education programs as well as youth and women's skills training programs and Community Small Business, in this project Volunteers can interchange knowledge’s like an international volunteer can teach hygienic managements, how to serve guests, how to great and receive customers and son on and to compensate this the volunteer can learn how to prepare Pachamanca, Picante de CUY, Truchas and all Typical dishes of this area afterwards its deeply Cultural interchange in Andean community projects, together with several other revenue channels including a community bread oven, and meeting room facility etc.
The community of Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra Huaraz is ideally located at the Turistic places being strategic points of tourist attractions for the Cordillera Blanca mountains to provide exclusive tourist/visitor services. Revenues from community tourism services and small businesses as tour operator will cover the Projects operating expenses and the educational instructional expenses while generating a small number of employment positions for local people, the beneficiaries are approximately five Andean villages and indigenous campesinos including 150 families with 350 children 140 years old and 190 youth.

Andean ancient gastronomy

In Peru the poverty cycle is growing-up each day, due to less economy Andean families cannot develop their educational system many children just complete their five years primary school or sometimes they don’t finish and the poverty is increasing due to this problem in many communities. Peru Llama Trek found this problem and started with this project to fight against the poverty increase, and actually is preparing this project with hope to develop with help of NGOs, any fundraising organizations, volunteer’s donations, governmental and non-governmental institutions helps or donations. In this way and with the economy incoming with this project Education can be provided with facility to young teens, especially girls, can help reduce unwanted teenage pregnancies. Education for expectant mothers can reduce infant mortality and improve early childhood development through better nutrition and childcare practices. Education and sporting activities for young boys can help reduce substance abuse and delinquency problems. We expect all volunteers organizations can donate this communities with educational materials such as notebooks, pencils, papers, primary school books, and computers to be placed in the community schools, educational materials like fabrics to teach how to sew and decorate, materials for netting, materials for cooking, all things directed for all kind and all age people to be involved in any valuable task and this way to avoid all bad habitual

The communitis of Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra closer from Huaraz the capital of the Departmental of Ancash. These areas are potential on tourism natural and craft products, the training of rural residents in the provision of tourism services could be one of the most important things to improve the quality of service of international customers. Tourism could bring economy incoming to local residents with a supplementary source of their subsistence agricultural activities. Women and youth will particularly benefit from this project with education and income benefits directed to these groups particularly in gastronomy. this project location is in the Andean villages of the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra closer to the city of Huaraz.

These areas are visited by internationals with the purpose of trekking’s, climbing’s and mountaineering activities mainly for internationals that arrive every year between high season from April to October to cover this necessity of mountaineers Peru Llama Trek operates as local adventure Tour organizator and your reservations and contracts for the travel services around Peru can help to develop this project to beneficiate the Andean local people in the Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Blanca, even more some of the trekking, climbing and adventure travel staff are from these communities and definitely are direct beneficiaries from your tour and travel services.

Project Benefits & Beneficiaries
Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra has approximately 40,000 residents, The project will generate long and short term benefits for the community or local people. Short-term benefits are that actually Peru Llama Trek is hiring Trekking and climbing staff as cook part of trainings for their own restaurants to local or community residents. This personal will be hired on a rotational each time when adventure travel tourists contract our services to Peru Llama Trek and will be paid a daily wage additionally our customers contributes with these local people who are their adventure travel staff giving them a considerable tip or just some donations such as educational materials, clothes, medicines, or any other valuable things that can help to develop the Andean communities. Long term benefits will be when we advance with the project this will be based mainly in the educational benefits provided to local residents in nutrition, health, hygiene and skills training (computers, knitting, crafts and agricultural technical training etc). economy income earned by local residents from their typical restaurants serving pachamanca and picante de cuy. These home-restaurants is expected to be economically self-sustaining immediately by offering marketable visitor services in restaurant and teaching the Peruvian culinary how to prepare Pachamanca and Guinea Pig CUY and additionally travel organizations requests for round trip Peru or connections to Southern Peru Cusco Machupicchu, Arequipa, Puno and other areas.

Headquarters: Av. Interoceanica # 719
Huaraz - Ancash - Perú South America

++51 43 421335
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